Special Projects

From time to time, Preservation NC will take on special projects, and tackle the task of transforming an entire neighborhood.  Past examples of this include the Edenton Mill Village and the Glencoe Mill Village.  Both are now thriving communities, with beautifully restored homes and mills.  Our most recent projects included historic buildings in East Durham, Goldsboro, and Gastonia.  You can learn more about each project below.

Project RED (Revitalize East Durham)

The East Durham National Register Historic District, just a few blocks east of Downtown, is an ideally located neighborhood providing an excellent mix of quality historic homes that are affordable for working families and first-time homeowners. But the neighborhood has been plagued with absentee landlords and years of disinvestment, resulting in poorly maintained and vacant buildings and wanton demolitions that have fractured the community’s cohesiveness. Existing homeowners have seen property values fall and crime rates rise.

For more than five years, Preservation North Carolina and Preservation Durham worked with East Durham residents and community advocates. Click here to continue reading about Project RED.

Our work in Goldsboro

Goldsboro is the place to find the right size restoration for you. It’s also the place to find a bargain and a growing community of preservation enthusiasts who are helping transform the city’s historic downtown.

Downtown Goldsboro’s award-winning revitalization effort is part of a 10-year city plan. Several historic properties are being lovingly restored, some well on their way to being finished. With potential incentives including down-payment assistance, grants for small-business owners, façade improvement grants and historic preservation tax credits, the area is primed for revitalization success. Click here to continue reading about Goldsboro.

Our work in the Loray Mill Village

The Loray Mill National Register historic district, one of the largest of its kind in the country, Located just twenty miles from downtown Charlotte, the Loray Mill National Register historic district in Gastonia is well-positioned for a bright future. The neighborhood includes nearly 500 well-built historic mill houses with the nationally-significant Loray Mill at its center. Click here to continue reading about the Loray Mill Village in Gastonia.