This Old House calls it one of the Best Places for an old house — you can call it home.

Goldsboro is the place to find the right size restoration for you. It’s also the place to find a bargain and a growing community of preservation enthusiasts who are helping transform the city’s historic downtown.

Downtown Goldsboro’s award-winning revitalization effort is part of a 10-year city plan. Several historic properties are being lovingly restored, some well on their way to being finished. With potential incentives including down-payment assistance, grants for small-business owners, façade improvement grants and historic preservation tax credits, the area is primed for revitalization success.

Goldsboro is on its way to being more dynamic and connected. Historic Union Station will become a hub on the rail line connecting Raleigh to the coast.

There are many properties, residential and commercial, still waiting to be restored — from big to small, lavish to simple, Victorian to bungalow. Take a look and find your place in Downtown Goldsboro today.

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