Historic Brickwork Restoration Workshop

Hillsborough, NC
Saturday May 11
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Learn all about preserving and restoring historic brickwork in a day-long, hands-on workshop led by masonry restoration expert Wayne Thompson of Hillsborough. Participants will receive detailed instruction and be able to perform actual work. The workshop will be held at the Burwell School Historic Site.

The workshop will cover these topics and more:

Inspecting and evaluating old brickwork and mortar joints
Techniques for removing old mortar using appropriate tools, without damaging bricks
Cleaning historic brickwork
Preparation of brickwork for repointing
Mortar analysis and matching for hardness and color
Lime Putty mortars that replicate traditional lime and sand mortars used in 18th and 19th centuries
How to install new mortar when repointing
Joint finishing and tooling
Final cleaning after repointing
Curing methods and precautions to prevent new mortar from drying too quickly

The workshop will include a walking tour of nearby historic buildings to view brickwork of different periods and styles. Instructors will explain how to identify brickwork bond patterns and joint tooling techniques. Participants will learn to examine and evaluate examples of modern brickwork repairs and repointing, both good and bad.

Workshop instructor, Wayne Thompson is the owner of Heritage Restoration in Hillsborough. He specializes in historic brickwork restoration using traditional lime putty mortars, working with his son Adam. Their recent brickwork restoration projects include: St. Mary’s Chapel near Hillsborough; Hill Hall at UNC Chapel Hill; St. Phillips Church at Brunswick Town State Historic Site; and the Bellamy Mansion Slave Quarters in Wilmington.

Sponsors: The Alliance for Historic Hillsborough, Burwell School Historic Site, and the Orange County Historic Preservation Commission

For more information and to get tickets: https://visithillsboroughnc.com/event/5973/