Builders Of The Burwell Site

Saturday February 19
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Builders of Burwell, Hillsborough, and Orange County. A special emphasis on African American craftsmen and Artisan.

Saturday, February 19th at 3pm

About this FREE virtual event:

Steve Peck, innovative organizer of the bicentennial celebration of this building, will present research to show how nineteenth-century Orange County architect and builder John Berry established a community of skilled craftsmen. Charles Woods, a meticulous Hillsborough builder, honors those who taught the building skills through generations. Andy Whitted brings the legendary Whitted family of plasterers through two centuries of skill and stories.


About The Burwell School Historic Site:

The Burwell School Historic Site is a great place to visit to learn about 19th century Hillsborough and American history. It’s operated by the Historic Hillsborough Commission, a local non-profit board, and reflects the dedication of the greater community.

There’s a lot to learn and see:

  • early women’s education in the Antebellum South, and the lives of the 200 girls who were educated here from 1837 – 1857 in the school operated by Anna and Robert Burwell
  • the remarkable Elizabeth Keckly, who was enslaved on the site as a young woman
  • research into other persons of color associated with the Burwell School
  • the residency of the Josiah Collins family during the Civil War (the “Beehive Years”)
  • three venerable buildings, beautiful furniture and interesting items from bygone days.

Please explore their website to learn more, and visit them soon.  The Burwell School Historic Site is located at 319 N. Churton Street in the Historic District of Hillsborough, NC.