PNC Property Owners

Preservation North Carolina’s property owners are absolutely at the heart of what we do.  We are beyond grateful for our property owners tackling the, sometimes daunting, rehabilitation projects on these properties.  Our property owners contribute to the history of these homes and buildings with your care and stewardship, and we so appreciate all that you do to keep these historic treasures around for future generations to enjoy!  We’d love to have your photos of the progress you’ve made and current state of your protected property.  Please send those to us at

Branch Grove, Halifax Co.


As an owner of one of our protected properties, you should have been provided with a copy of the protective covenants (either via a deed with protective covenants attached or Historic Preservation Agreement) on your property at the time of your purchase.  If you need a pdf version of the covenants, please contact us at to request a copy.

Changes to Your Protected Property

Our protective covenants include legal responsibilities for each of our property owners.  Although the covenants are tailored to the specifics of the building being protected, most include design review over the exterior of the building and parcel, plus specific interior elements.  We work with our property owners on a regular basis to allow for modernization for today’s lifestyle while maintaining the historic integrity of the buildings and sites.

Hanes Farm (Hoehns House), Forsyth Co.

Prior to making changes to protected features, homeowners must request approval for their proposed changes.  Below you will find the Property Change Request Application to complete and send to us for review, along with any supporting materials needed to help us determine the impact to the building and parcel.

Click here to download our Property Change Request Application Form

Click here for the Edenton Cotton Mill Village Covenant Compliance Application Form

Sale of Your PNC-Protected Property

When you decide it’s time to sell your protected property, we offer a complimentary ad for properties protected by us on our website and a discount in our magazine.  We are happy to help get your property in front of as many historic property lovers as possible, and to answer any questions prospective buyers have about the covenants on the property.  Visit here for complete advertising information.  For questions from prospective buyers, contact Dawn Williams at or the Regional Director responsible for the area where your property is located.

Loray Mill Village, 906 W Second Ave by Janet Lamb, Capital City Camera Club

Right of First Refusal

Once your property is under contract, don’t forget to contact us about the right of first refusal within the protective covenants.  Most of our protected properties include a right of first refusal which requires a 30 to 45-day written notice of sale.  We are often able to address this more quickly but please do not delay in notifying us.  We’ll need a copy of the executed contract and the daytime phone number for the buyer(s).  Send that along with the closing attorney’s information (name, physical office address, phone number and email) to Dawn Williams at so that we may work on our waiver process for your sale.  Our Regional Director responsible for that area will contact the buyer(s) as part of the waiver process before we will be able to execute the waiver of our right of first refusal to be sent to the closing attorney.

Transfer Fee

McClenahan House, Chatham Co. by David Strevel, Capital City Camera Club

Since 2005, most protected properties include a modest 0.25% Transfer Fee due at the time of sale by the Purchaser.  This fee assists us with the financial requirements of monitoring our covenants in perpetuity.

Click here to view a pdf version of the PNC Property Owners responsibilities

Click here to view the Regional Offices by County or visit Staff and Regional Office information