Edenton Cotton Mill and Mill Village: A 25 Year Retrospective

Thursday July 23
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

A quarter century ago, Preservation North Carolina (PNC) accepted the monumental and daunting task of revitalizing the Edenton Cotton Mill and Mill Village. The entire complex of buildings, including 57 mostly vacant mill houses, the empty mill, the mill office, and church — and even the streets and sidewalks — were donated to PNC in late 1995. If PNC hadn’t accepted the donation of the property, the site would have been cleared and sold for new development. Every parcel was sold with protective covenants. The preservation project was a huge success that has received national attention. The numbers tell the story: in 1996, the Mill village was on the tax books for $610,485, and the mill was valued at $840,845. Now those same properties are worth more than $40,000,000.

Join us as Myrick Howard, President of PNC, who helped bring the project to fruition, talks about the project and shows images of the mill and mill village’s revitalization.

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