Southern Shores Historic Flat Top Cottage Tour

Southern Shores, NC
Saturday April 27
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

6th Southern Shores Historic Flat Top Cottage Tour

Saturday, April 27th, 2024
1:00 – 5:00pm

Rain or Shine!

The owners of 14 historic flat tops in Southern Shores are inviting you to their 6th Southern Shores Historic Flat Top Tour on Saturday, April 27th, 2024 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm! One ticket will entitle tourgoers to see the interiors and exteriors of all 14 homes.

Proceeds will benefit the Flat Top Preservation Fund of the Outer Banks Community Foundation. $10 tickets are available online  and on the day of the tour from 10:00am to 1:30pm at the box office tent at Southern Shores Crossing Shopping Center parking lot (1 Ocean Blvd.). Online ticket purchasers may use credit or debit cards but In-Person purchases are Cash or Check only. There will be 1,000 tickets available.

Please stop by the tent at the at Southern Shores Crossing Shopping Center parking lot (1 Ocean Blvd.) between 10:00am and 1:30pm to pick up your (1) Ticket (2) Map, and (3) Cottage Histories.

Tour information is available at or (804)399-8342 and

The list of flat top cottages whose owners will welcome tourgoers includes the following:

218 Ocean Blvd – Mackey Cottage; 18 E. Ocean Blvd – Oh So Sandy; 170 Ocean Blvd – Pink Perfection (Edith Pipkin Cottage); 169 Ocean Boulevard – Atlantic Breezes; 157 Ocean Blvd – Sea Breezes; 23 Porpoise Run – Sokol-Clements Cottage; 156 Wax Myrtle Trail – Clarke-Gudas Cottage; 159 Wax Myrtle Trail – Falconer Cottage; 142 Ocean Blvd – “Seaquel” formerly known as Perkinson’s “Atantica”; 113 Ocean Blvd – Knight Cottage; 69 Ocean Blvd – Sea Spray Cottage; 43 Ocean Blvd – Powell-Harritt Cottage; 78 Skyline Road – Lambroff Cottage, and 13 Skyline Road – owned by the Town of Southern Shores.

You can start wherever you like once you have picked up your ticket!

Parking: There are some cottages that are walking distance from each other. If you want to tour most of the 14 cottages, you will need to drive and move your car. There will be “Tour Parking” signs in several areas, but occasionally you may have to do regular street parking. Tour attendees are able to park on the side streets without a Southern Shores permit but not on Route 12.

Our 6th historic flat top tour, we invite you to join us for an afternoon of open houses as you tour these historic cottages that once dominated the town’s architectural landscape. We are proud to offer homes of varying sizes, locations, styles, and finishes for a self-guided open house tour. Approximately 25 examples of this original architectural style still remain as flat tops in Southern Shores. 5 homes on the Tour have been designated by the Town as Southern Shores Historic Landmarks: 23 Porpoise Run (Sokol-Clements), 156 Wax Myrtle Trail (Clarke-Gudas), 142 Ocean Blvd (Seaquel), 170 Ocean Blvd (Pink Perfection), and 218 Ocean Boulevard (Mackey).

Frank Stick, (1884-1966), beloved Outer Banks artist and developer, obtained an option on the land that is now Southern Shores, and supervised the platting of lots, the installation of roads, and the design and erection of the first flat top cottages.  These now quaint architectural houses were reminiscent of the cottages he had seen in Florida, and were of cement block construction, with wide overhanging soffits, propped up shutters, and flat tar and gravel roofs.

Information and photos are also available at the Facebook page and on Instagram for Southern Shores Historic Flat Top Cottages.