At Only $72K, This Barbershop Won’t Require a Budget

In a former North Carolina mining village, you could get a shave and a haircut for two bits—or, now, a barbershop-turned-tiny house for $72,000.

Known simply as “The Barbershop,” the 345-square-foot home in Burlington has only one bedroom and one bathroom, but oodles of history.

While you won’t find any remnants of its past as a place for a stylish trim, the small space is divided into three main areas. A great room contains the sleeping, living, and dining areas; it leads into the kitchen and a compact bathroom.

The design even allows a stacked washer and dryer. There’s a small porch and, of course, a classic barber pole next to the front door. Cherry-red accents highlight the light-blue color scheme of the home, which has hardwood flooring.

For anything that can’t quite fit inside the small home, a storage shed is available out back. The shed was modeled after the outhouse that used to be there, so it matches the historic design.

The property is located in the Glencoe Mill Village, which was constructed in the 1800s. When the mill was in operation, the employees lived in small houses in a village of about 50 homes. The mill ran until the 1950s, and in the late ’90s the organization Preservation North Carolina started working with individual owners and people to buy and fix up the old homes.

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(San Francisco Gate, 11/28/17)