Attorney says buyers interested in the Colonial Inn ‘passionate’ about Hillsborough

The team which is finalizing details in a bid to buy the historic Colonial Inn brings passion and practical experience to the deal, its attorney said Friday.

The team is local to the Triangle and has several historic preservation projects under its belt, Hillsborough attorney Sam Coleman said. Team members include engineering, architecture and construction professionals, as well as someone with extensive experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

“They understand the enormity of (the project), the complexity of it and how much it means to the town,” Coleman said, “and they will truly educate people at the appropriate time … hopefully in the near future, about what they plan to do with the property.”

That will include seeking input from the community, he said.

“They are passionate about the town of Hillsborough,” Coleman noted. “We think it’s a boon for the town, because it hopefully will be an inn, and a restaurant and a bar, just like it used to be when it first started.”

The prospective owners’ planned boutique hotel also could include a small event space, he said.

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(Herald Sun, 12/18/17)