Historic hospital renovation project inches forward

A proposal that would turn Waynesville’s historic hospital, the first public hospital in North Carolina, into affordable housing units, is inching its way forward through a complicated process.

Landmark Developers, a Winston-Salem company that specialized in restoring historic buildings through the use of tax credits, has assumed the $8,000 cost of putting the county building most recently used for the department of social services, on the National Register of Historic Places. That application should be submitted this month, said David Francis, who handles special projects for the county.

In the first round of competition for the tax credit dollars, the Haywood project received a perfect score. It will be August before county leaders learn whether the structure will be among those awarded funding that will turn the former hospital rooms/offices into 54 one- and two-bedroom apartments earmarked for veterans, elderly and low-to-moderate income individuals.

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(The Mountaineer, 5/6/2016)