Skateboarding dog’s custom coats draw attention to ailing Raleigh girl

We are sharing this story because it concerns a member of our Preservation Family. Tania Tully works with the Raleigh Historic Development Commission. Please consider visiting the firstgiving page to support her daughter.

Sir Ernest Bunnybottom isn’t your ordinary skateboarder.

For starters, he shreds with four legs instead of two, and when this Raleigh corgi hits the pavement on his skateboard, he’s often clad in a stylish coat designed by his owner, Edie Farris.

Farris partnered with Sprout Patterns, a division of Durham’s Spoonflower custom fabric company, to create custom dog jackets for the pup. Fashionable skateboarding aside, the coats serve a greater purpose: building buzz for an important cause close to Sir Bunnybottom’s (and Farris’) heart.

The pooch makes videos and wears the coats in photos to attract publicity for a fundraising effort to purchase a service dog for a young Raleigh girl named Anika suffering from Baraitser-Winter Syndrome, which causes seizures. The service dog will provide support for Anika and help alert her and her caregivers when she has a medical emergency.

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(News & Observer, 7/4/2016)