State Nonprofit Preservation Organizations

Statewide historic preservation nonprofits outside North Carolina.

Arizona Preservation Foundation

The Arizona Preservation Foundation is Arizona’s only non-profit statewide historic preservation organization. Founded in 1979, the Foundation is dedicated to preserving Arizona’s historical, archaeological, architectural, and cultural resources.

California Preservation Foundation

Founded in 1977, the California Preservation Foundation is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of California’s diverse cultural and architectural heritage.

Colorado Preservation, Inc.

Colorado Preservation, Inc. is a nonprofit, statewide historic preservation organization that provides assistance in historic preservation to Colorado communities.

Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation

Established in 1975 as a non-profit organization by Special Act of the Connecticut General Assembly, the Connecticut Trust’s mission is to preserve the character and ensure the vitality of Connecticut’s historically significant places.

Florida Trust for Historic Preservation

The mission of the Florida Trust is to promote the preservation of the architectural, historical and archaeological heritage of Florida through advocacy, education and historic property stewardship.

Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation

The Mission of the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation is to promote an appreciation of Georgia’s diverse historic resources and provide for their protection and use to preserve, enhance and revitalize Georgia’s communities.

Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana

Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana saves and restores historic places. We defend Indiana’s architectural heritage, and we promote preservation through education, advice, advocacy, heritage tours, and events at our own historic sites.

Historic Hawai’i Foundation

A statewide non-profit organization, Historic Hawai‘i Foundation encourages the preservation of historic buildings, sites and communities relating to the history of Hawai‘i.

Landmarks Illinois

Landmarks Illinois is the state’s leading voice for historic preservation. From the rubble of the demolition of Adler and Sullivan’s masterpiece old Chicago Stock Exchange, Landmarks Illinois rose to become a 2,000 member, statewide organization.

Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance

IHPA builds partnerships that enhance our economic and cultural future through the preservation of Iowa’s historic resources.

Maine Preservation

Maine Preservation, founded in 1971, is a 501(c)3 private nonprofit member-based statewide preservation organization. We are proud to be recognized as a Statewide Partner of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Preservation Maryland

Preservation Maryland is the state’s oldest historic preservation organization. Founded in 1931 as the Society for the Preservation of Maryland Antiquities, Preservation Maryland is dedicated to preserving Maryland’s historic buildings and neighborhoods.

Preservation Massachusetts

Founded in 1985, Preservation Massachusetts is the statewide non-profit organization that actively promotes the preservation of historic buildings and landscapes as a positive force for economic development and the retention of community character.

Michigan Historic Preservation Network

The Michigan Historic Preservation Network is the largest membership organization in the state dedicated to recognizing and preserving Michigan’s rich cultural and architectural heritage.

Preservation Alliance of Minnesota

The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota is the only statewide, private, non-profit organization advocating for the preservation of Minnesota’s historic resources.

Missouri Preservation

The Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation, (Missouri Preservation) is Missouri’s only statewide, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, supporting, and coordinating historic preservation activities throughout the State.

Preservation New Jersey

Founded in 1978, Preservation New Jersey advocates for and promotes historic preservation to protect and enhance the vitality and heritage of New Jersey’s richly diverse communities.

New York Landmarks Conservancy

The New York Landmarks Conservancy is dedicated to preserving, revitalizing, and reusing New York’s architecturally significant buildings.

Preservation League of New York

The Preservation League of New York State is dedicated to the protection of New York’s diverse and rich heritage of historic buildings, districts, and landscapes.

State Historical Society of North Dakota Foundation

The State Historical Society of North Dakota Foundation is a private, non-profit organization formed in 1965 by the state legislature and supported by membership and donations.

Restore Oregon
Preservation Pennsylvania

Preservation Pennsylvania (PPA) is the Commonwealth’s only statewide, private non-profit, membership organization dedicated to the protection of historically and architecturally significant properties.

Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation (South Carolina)

The Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation is a non-profit organization operating in South Carolina since 1990, dedicated to preserving and protecting the irreplaceable architectural heritage of South Carolina.

Preserve Rhode Island
Utah Heritage Foundation

Established in 1966, Utah Heritage Foundation was the first statewide preservation organization in the western United States. Utah Heritage Foundation reaches communities throughout the state through a wide range of programs and activities.

Preservation Trust of Vermont

The Preservation Trust of Vermont is a charitable, nonprofit organization founded in 1980 to initiate, stimulate and assist local and statewide efforts to preserve and use Vermont’s rich collection of historic, architectural . . .

Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities

Preservation Virginia is dedicated to preserving and promoting the state’s irreplaceable historic structures, landscapes, collections, communities and archaeological sites.

Preservation Alliance of West Virginia

The Preservation Alliance of West Virginia is a statewide grassroots organization supporting historic preservation in the mountain state. Since 1982, the nonprofit PAWV has been working to preserve West Virginia’s precious historical resources.