Gifts of Property

In addition to the ways to give to Preservation NC listed on the Planned Giving page, we are also particularly well suited to accept gifts of historic and non-historic real estate.

Gifts of appreciated property include real estate, antiques, stocks, etc. The donor of a gift of real estate may wish to designate the use of the proceeds from its sale. If the property is historic, Preservation NC will make every effort to ensure that the property is protected by legally binding preservation easements or covenants.

Gifts to Preservation NC having a current market value greater than the donor’s cost basis or purchase price can reduce the “cost” of giving.  Donors who make gifts of appreciated property receive an income tax charitable deduction equal to the fair market value of the gift. The donor avoids capital gains taxes on the appreciated portion of the property.

Please contact our Development Staff if you are interested in discussing ways to include Preservation NC in your estate planning or gifts of property.