Fire Marshal: Hildebran school fire either electrical or arson

HILDEBRAN, NC (WBTV) – It’s been five days since flames ripped through the old Hildebran High School, but it’s still the topic of most conversation there. For many, like Vivian Wilson, the school is much more than a building.

“I cried. And I cried a lot more when I came out and saw the destruction,” Wilson said.

Charred brick and warped pieces of wood are nearly all that’s left now, a sight Sonya Scott can’t force herself to drive by.

“I went to school there. My mother and father went to school there,” Scott said.

That’s a response you hear a lot around Hildebran, which is why so many came to Friday night’s council meeting, hoping for answers. The school hasn’t held student’s for many years, but the memories are still there.

(WBTV, 2/26/2016)

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