At Preservation North Carolina we rescue old houses.

And factory mills, schools, churches, general stores, and even the occasional big pink puppy.
We’re fondly referred to as “the animal shelter for old houses,” it’s a fun nickname, but a responsibility we take to heart. Through our nationally recognized and award-winning Endangered Properties Program we’ve rescued over 800 old, interesting, historic, sometimes abandoned, but always important properties. There’s a story behind each one and we are committed to telling it.

But we don’t do it alone.

We rely on the generous support of our members, so please look through our site to learn more about the groundbreaking work that we do, and consider joining the 4,500 members who support Preservation NC!

Click here to become a member of Preservation North Carolina! And make sure to check out our properties page, there are quite a few “old pups” waiting for their rescue!


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New documentary to highlight forgotten Raleigh community of freed slaves

New documentary to highlight forgotten Raleigh community of freed slaves

If you drive on Oberlin Road in Raleigh near Cameron Village you have passed two historic homes, the headquarters of Preservation North Carolina. “It really started as saving two cool houses. We had no idea what these two houses would represent,” said Myrick Howard, president of Preservation North Carolina.