Shelter Series: Jean Laffite Revealed: Unraveling One of America’s Longest Running Mysteries

Tuesday October 26
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Please join us for a presentation by Beth Yarbrough and Dr. Ashley Oliphant on October 26th at 4:00pm


Lifelong North Carolinians Beth Yarbrough and her daughter, Dr. Ashley Oliphant, never intended to be pirate hunters, but once they realized the old stories about the strange Frenchman named Lorenzo Ferrer who arrived in Lincolnton in 1839 might be true, they had to investigate. It turns out that Ferrer was actually the New Orleans pirate Jean Laffite living under an assumed name.

Join Yarbrough and Oliphant as they share the primary documents and artifacts that allowed them to prove that Laffite faked his 1820’s death in their recently released book, “Jean Laffite Revealed: Unraveling One of America’s Longest Running Mysteries.” Their two-year-long research journey led them through dark graveyards, mysterious Freemason lodges, dusty courthouse basements, amazing Ivy League libraries and alligator-infested swamps in seven states. Audiences who have participated in their national book tour this year have been delighted by their lively storytelling and their incredible discoveries.

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