With Historic Windows

Repairing and maintaining, rather than replacing, historic wood windows means long-term savings for the property owner and long-term benefit for the environment.

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windowdiagramEnergy Efficiency Drawing by Amy Estep / reprinted courtesy City of Greensboro

In terms of embodied energy, original windows are considerably greener than “energy-efficient” vinyl replacements. And with proper maintenance, sealing, and storms, historic windows can provide the same efficiency as replacements, with a much smaller environmental impact overall.

Across the country, owners of old houses are being encouraged to remove their original windows and replace them with new energy-efficient models. Manufacturers of new window technologies advertise that old windows are inefficient, causing houses to leak energy and contributing to excessive heating and cooling bills, and to deterioration of the planet’s environment. Replacing historic windows is touted as the “green” choice, but that’s frequently not the case.




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