Building Hope: New non-profit remodels home for female veterans

WASHINGTON, NC (WITN) – A small group of determined advocates are working to make a big difference in the lives of female veterans in Eastern Carolina, particularly, those female veterans who are looking to take the final steps in drug or alcohol abuse recovery and reintegrate with their community.

The Pamlico Rose Institute for Sustainable Communities is a new non-profit based in Washington, NC. Chief Executive Officer Robert Greene Sands hopes to repurpose old, dilapidated houses starting with 219 West 3rd Street.

“So from two sides of it, right, we have the mission of the historic preservation but on the other hand we have a mission to be able to reintegrate female veterans and this house offers incredible potential for that,” Sands said.

The house there is now being called “Rose Haven.”

“This house has seen African-Americans living here, its seen whites living here, it has been a transitional part of changing neighborhoods and demographics over 135 years,” he said.

Sands’ background is in anthropology. He noticed a gap in recovery programming for female veterans while working at the Department of Defense.

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(WITN, 4/10/18)