Family donates ‘Hager House’ to ensure preservation

A nearly 140-year-old home in Lincoln County was donated to Preservation North Carolina to ensure that the home’s historic integrity would remain intact.

The home, located at 134 Nellie Circle in Stanley, was built in the 1880’s by J.P. Hager, a farmer. The home served as a post office in the area for many years. Former owners Eddie and Jane Hager were motivated by preservation to donate the home. Preservation North Carolina can incorporate covenants in the deed that would require a rehabilitation agreement with the new owners that would, among other specifics, prevent it from being demolished.

“That was the motivation,” Jane Hager said from Florida, where the couple resides today.

Lincoln County Historical Association director Jason Harpe spoke to the Hager family at a reunion in late 2014 and said that the family as a whole was on board with the idea.

(Lincon Times-News, 3/31/2016)

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