Gordon Hardware Building in Summerfield to be Rehabbed

Summerfield, NC, May 15, 2017 – After reviewing proposals from ten architectural firms, the Town of Summerfield has chosen CUBE design + research to renovate the Gordon Hardware building and create a permanent Meeting Hall for the town.

“We’re honored to be part of this seminal project for Summerfield,” says Jason Hart, CUBE cofounder. “As a design firm that applies a research-driven approach to a broad range of projects, we look forward to making this a civic building that tells the story of the town and revitalizes a historic landmark in a way that Summerfield citizens can be proud of.”

Built in 1872 with handmade bricks from the Brittan brickyard, the Gordon Hardware building is just one of Summerfield’s distinguished historical landmarks. Situated on the southeast corner of Summerfield and Oak Ridge, the Gordon building sits opposite the Martin House, the oldest remaining home in town, and cater-corner to the current Town Hall. The project will entail renovating the interior of the building and, most likely, expanding the space in order to create a meeting hall that can accommodate the public.

“This historic building has the power to evoke many memories citizens have of the town,” Hart explains. “So, our approach is to draw relationships between the physical building and the memories in order to create an architectural narrative that is not only useful, but also sparks conversation.”

CUBE design + research provides full architectural services from offices in Boston, MA and Chapel Hill, NC. CUBE’s award-winning research-driven approach helps to identify project threads, both visible and hidden, and then weave them together to create conceptual designs for a broad range of project types and scales, including residential, commercial and adaptive reuse of historic buildings. With a mission to create design that is inspiring, thoughtful and transformative for those who live and work in the buildings and the communities they inhabit, CUBE designs and constructs buildings and spaces that are simultaneously functional and innovative, while also conceptually grounded and personal.