N. C. State Historic Preservation Office Begins Comprehensive Architectural Survey of Whiteville

he North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office (HPO) began a comprehensive architectural survey of Whiteville’s historic properties May 1. Elizabeth King, survey specialist in the HPO’s Survey and National Register Branch, is conducting the project, which was endorsed by Whiteville’s City Council April 11. Ms. King will be conducting field work in May and June and will return to Whiteville periodically during the summer to continue her research.

Digital photographs, architectural descriptions and historical backgrounds of approximately 300 buildings constructed prior to 1970 are expected results from the survey. All of the collected information will be entered in the HPO’s survey database. The several-month project also entails identification of individual properties and districts that appear to be eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places and the preparation of a report that analyzes the city’s historic built environment.

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(NCDCR website, 5/12/2018)