Rescued! Buyer’s Spotlight: Winkler House owners Rose and Barrin Presnell

Rose and Barrin Presnell are the proud new owners of the W. Carter Winkler House in Wilkesboro. Living in nearby Hamptonville, the Presnells have a long history of rehabbing houses in that region, ranging from homes in the early 1900’s to modern homes. They were thrilled to purchase this fine example of Queen Anne style house located near downtown Wilkesboro and is part of the Downtown Wilkesboro National Register Historic District.

The Winkler House was featured in the January/February 2018 edition of “This Old House Magazine” in its “Save This Old House” section.

The Presnells and their two children share a passion for anything old, and it was their dream for years to restore a home with the history and magnitude of the Carter Winkler House.

The town of Wilkesboro, the Historic Preservation Commission of Wilkesboro worked together diligently for years to maintain the home and find a suitable buyer for this historic property. Throughout the process city crews secured the house, mowed the yard, and cleaned it for showings.

After the Presnells closed on the house, Wilkesboro Mayor Mike Inscore visited the house to meet the happy new buyers and extend to them a pledge of continued cooperation on the part of the town. This rescue and purchase of the Winkler House is a shining example of how a community, if patient and cooperative, can come together to find a suitable developer for a historic surplus property.

Congratulations to The Presnells (and the Town of Wilkesboro) on the purchase of the W. Carter Winkler House!