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What is PAN?

The Professional Associates Network is a special membership group of Preservation NC for professionals who work, consult or invest in the field of historic preservation. You can view the active PAN members by clicking here.

Our goal is to build and promote a network of professionals who know each other and who know PNC – and whom we know and can recommend. We want to strengthen the business of doing preservation work in North Carolina.

By joining the Professional Associates Network, we can direct potential clients to you, and in turn, you help support our statewide preservation efforts. Contributions to PAN are tax-deductible, and members also receive all of PNC’s regular membership benefits. Additionally, each member level has benefits associated with it that are listed below.

Consider joining PAN at one of the following levels:

  • $5,000 Professional Sponsor
  • $1,000 Professional Friend
  • $500 Preservation Professional
  • $150 Individual Practitioner

Preservation Professionals ($500) receive:

  • Basic listing of firm’s work in the PAN section of, , a website with over 140,000 page views per month. (Listing includes name and contact information and link to your firm’s website.)
  • Basic listing of firm’s work in PNC’s annual report, distributed to over 5,000 members.
  • Basic listing in PNC’s annual conference guide, distributed to over 400 participants.
  • Invitations to special behind-the-scenes tours, Network receptions, workshops and other networking opportunities.
  • Twenty percent discount on website advertising of historic properties.

Professional Friends ($1000-$2500) receive all of the above benefits plus:

  • ¬†Premier listing of firm’s work on website, in annual report, and annual conference guide. (same as basic listing, but also includes your firm’s logo)

Professional Sponsors ($5000 & up) receive all of the above benefits plus:

  • Prominent listing of firm’s work on main Professional Associates Network webpage as well as within firm’s business category, in annual report, and annual conference guide. (same as premier listing, but also includes a brief description of your firm’s services)

Individual Practitioners may join at the $150 level and will receive “Preservation Professional” level benefits.

Click here to become a PAN Member now. 

If you have questions about the Professional Associates Network, please call our Development Office at 919-832-3652 x229, or contact Shannon Phillips at